Technology is Quickly Evolving!

Just think about technology… Yes the phone in your pocket, the radio in your car and even your computer and they have come a long way…

They all are evolving very quickly, scarily even. This is all down to Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Apple & Samsung creating further developed products that suit our needs. This is why on iPhone you now have the 256GB model and what about the very first iPhone? 16GB maximum and only in the space of what? Less than 10 years. That’s an amazing achievement but the best part… It keeps improving daily. Just think about it, you’re reading this article on a computer or phone or even a tablet. They didn’t exist  anything like they are today and how about how you’re viewing the page? Mobile network (3G/4G), ADSL (Broadband) or one of the fastest wired connections, Fibre Optics.

Here are a few images of technological improvements with dates to show how long it took to get where we are today.

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This could not be done without inventors and we need to thank them for the things that they bring into our lives.