Create your own Ice Cream

In this experiment, we made our own vanilla ice cream! You can try to replicate this at home if you want but beware… It’s cold!

You will need:

Note: You may want gloves/oven mittens as the ice can get very cold. You may also change the vanilla extract to a flavour of your choice and add food colouring and sprinkles if you want!

  • 250ml Full Fat Milk
  • 4tbsp Granulated Sugar
  • 2tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 3tbsp Salt
  • <1kg Ice
  • >2 Large Freezer Bags
  • >2 Medium Freezer Bags

  1. Mix vanilla extract and milk together
  2. Pour into a medium freezer bag
  3. Add the sugar into the same bag
  4. Knot the bag with a little air (to allow movement)
  5. Insert the filled freezer bag into another medium bag and knot the bag (repeat until you’re sure it won’t leak)
  6. Place about <1kg ice cubes into a bowl and crush with a rolling pin until all ice is  separated
  7. Add ice into a large freezer bag and add the salt
  8. Move ice and salt around (this part is colder as the salt speeds up the melting process)
  9. Insert the bag of milk into the ice bag
  10. Knot the bag, add into the other bag (repeat until you’re sure it won’t pop)
  11. Wearing hand protection, move the milk bag for more than 15 minutes or until the mixture resembles slightly melted ice cream.
  12. Enjoy!

Comment down below  if you enjoyed making the ice cream!!!