Fun With Magnets

Hi, Today I saw a YouTube video that described how you can create a motor with just a battery, magnet & wire!

I thought that I would share this as it looks really cool and it is very simple!

To start you need: 1* AA Battery, 1* Magnet (Fits onto the – of the battery), 1* Length of Electric conducting wire (Not coated in rubber – Copper is usually good)

Step 1) Attach magnet to the Negative on the battery (Represented as a Flat side, Black or -).

Step 2) Shape wire to touch the + of the battery (Usually a stud, Red or +) and wrap it in any shape you want as long as it doesn’t touch the battery and then to the magnet at the bottom.

Step 3) Enjoy the beauty as the shape spins around the battery.


Also see what happens when the magnet is flipped

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